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Hi, my name is Miss D. M. Daley (MBPsS, Level A/B) and as Senior Technical Consultant I provide development to individuals & companies. My work involves a technical approach to the study of human behavior and the mind, by using high functioning abilities in the area of science maths & intuition. I believe in the tangible benefits that practical 'hope' can, bring to our daily lives.

As a former choir leader a youth trust supported me to start my first business Real2Life Management (Connexions Music Agency). Then after graduating with a Psychology BSc & Occupational Psychology MSc the significant findings from my 2006 research paper on 'Emotional Intelligence, Wellbeing & Performance' received peer review publication [Competency & Emotional Intelligence, Volume 13(3), 41-46 January 1, 2006]. The research was facilitated by London Borough Mayor Maggie Mansell's 'Year of Science', and went on to provide noteworthy contribution to psychology literature. My findings uncovered the significant impact of emotional intelligence upon job performance and wellbeing, in relation to the demands of work.

After spending several years working as a recruitment contracts assistant, data analyst, technical specialist consultant, professional driver, and volunteering with charities I then transitioned into the field of independent practice. 

Most recently I wrote a fictional children's book published in July 2015, called 'The Adventures of Pela "Peachy" Swag: Daughter of Captain Archie' (Book 1). The story is set in Ireland, and a fictional hideaway called 'Yellow Fin Island®'; the main character Pela starts a journey of self-discovery, and then embarks upon her first adventure; which she hopes will be the start of many more. The paperback book can be purchased on the peachyswag online store here priced at £7.49 (paperback) in addition to "Pela's Swag, and it's also available on amazon for £6.49 (kindle) here

My latest publication was called 'My friends at the top:  How to swim from a sea cave and arrive at your chateau with excellence'. Its a self-help styled publication which introduces tips to the reader inspired by her own journey of overcoming fear to arrive at her own chateau despite challenges. It can be ordered here and you can read a small extract below:

"There have been many in history that has changed and shaped society for the better due to their different insight, vision, imagination, creativity and diligence. I consider that people who have found their vocational assignment, and embraced it, eventually find self-actualisation. In my view they can be considered ‘Friends’ who have swam to the ‘Top’, because it’s this similarity that makes them like invisible extended family."  

© 2016 /2017 extract by D. M. Daley - order your copy here

As the creator of the 'Morpho Language Code'; founder of the #NetworkOfProfessionalPearls; brand-mother of the I am... ® Self-Assertion Movement. My aim was to help positively re-frame diversity, by coining the term 'special ability', and as the designer of many fresh concepts - I have a passion for innovation and human development. 

Having developed a heartfelt goal since childhood to advocate for people around the world. She enjoys actively improving outcomes, by helping to discover potential that enables achievement of ambitions & creates lasting success. I'm also interested in participating in projects and events which can help bring about worldwide inclusion, unity, and reconciliation; for the benefit of people at every level.

D. M. Daley can be booked for events and services here

*If you have purchased or received any products, services, or publications by D.  M. Daley, and wish to cite her work in third party inspired works; please write to us and apply for permission.


"[D. M. Daley] is a reliable and trustworthy student who has contributed significantly to the department. a very amendable individual who appears very popular among her peers and also the academic staff" -  I.A, 5th January 2004


"[D. M. Daley] demonstrated a practical approach to problem solving...and demonstrated an ability to get on well with colleagues and was a valued member of our team" - M. R, 10th August 2004.


"the QA work [by D. M. Daley] was well received by the contractor provided useful when trying to rectify discrepancies between the ‘new I.T tool’ and the validated ‘paper-based document’. It has been particularly useful in highlighting an error in the validated ‘paper-based document’ which would have otherwise gone unrecognised. Good work"  -  M. E, 7th June 2006.


"[D. M. Daley] is always vocal in team meetings and contributes to solutions and braining storming positively. [D. M. Daley] is very proactive and has created and piloted a more efficient way of doing one of the work streams which proved to be very successful. In doing this [ D. M. Daley] demonstrated that she is extremely efficient at using all IT packages including Excel Work & Outlook using them effortlessly to present her findings and information in the most appropriate way. ” A. I, 20th August 2007.


"Many thanks for this excellent piece of work it certainly allows me to focus on the issues at hand." S. P, 9th August 2007.


"She has always respected other people's views and diversity whether internal or external stakeholders. [D. M. Daley] has trained and mentored staff in all aspects of the work required. [D. M. Daley] is a valued and well liked member of the team" - P. C, 1st May 2008.


"She showed herself more than able to work under her own initiative and to discuss constructively with team members when needed. We have very much welcomed [D. M. Daley's] input and have taken away from this experience some of her recommendations that will improve our outreach and engagement levels with some long lasting effects" - N. M, 2nd September 2010.


"A very interesting and attention capturing book [The Adventures of Pela “Peachy” Swag: Daughter of Captain Archie]. Very imaginative will serve as a positive message of empowerment" - D. H, 29th August 2015.


"This is a well written and engaging tale [The Adventures of Pela “Peachy” Swag: Daughter of Captain Archie] for young children. A good buy which can be read repeatedly" - Anonymous, 15th February 2016.


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