Quite often we are asked to explain what our work involves, and what sort of results can be expected. Case studies are a good way to report examples of actual work, and present the nature of our business methodology. When you work with us, you'll not only experience outstanding efficiency & dedication, but you will also benefit from our wealth of industry knowledge skill and ability. Please read about some of our significant cases below:


Managing Resources 

After developing the training work stream maps for a customer review team, the client asked us to carry out an assessment of one of the workstreams where customer cases were selected for review. The assessment was required due to an increase in revenue required for customer support.


  • We implemented a job analysis for the selection work stream to assess the processes involved in nominating cases for cessation of customer support.
  • Then fully analysed the daily job report datasheets (which showed the number & quality of reviewed cases and the outcomes) which caseworkers generated each day.
  • We designed a system for tracking the reasons why cases for support remained in the system (which prevented the termination of support). We ensured that each reason was coded, and logged on a daily job report
  • We implemented statistical analysis which was compiled into a report with tables and graphs.


Our investigation and findings uncovered the cause of issues, and enabled senior decision-makers to see the barriers preventing the termination of support. The outcomes of this project informed departmental reviews,  created a new workstream to resolve the financial losses to reduce and remove the barriers of termination and cause of system errors. We finalised our work by training staff members on how to code the barriers of termination, and this enabled the client to increase the dataset over time for ongoing investigations and independence.

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