Exploring the nature of Holistic Risk Assessment in business

It's a fact that risks are everywhere, and cannot be avoided outright; So we believe that 'risk-reduction' is better than any remedial cure, that money can buy....

What kind of world could it be, if there was zero-chance of danger, or adverse outcomes for our actions?
What might we be like as people? &
What kind of world might we now live in?

Unfortunately that kind of carefree utopia can only exist in our imaginations, and all too often human error or system failure can lead to near misses, slips and lapses with wide ranging consequences upon performance & safety.

However we feel that risk is a multi-faceted incidence which interacts with many other variables and predictors (training, organisational culture & structure, workforce, policy & compliance, job design, change management & societal changes, to name a few). Therefore by our calculation, it would be wise to invest in practices which audit the holistic nature of risk in its entirety, and not just the single discrete elements. 

Our holistic approach involves an all-round assessment of the possibility, source and prevention of risks in the workplace in regards to individuals, teams and the wider organisation. Let us assess your business for holistic risk, so the need for post incident remedial cures can become less likely in the future.


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