Wellbeing Will Sing with Diligent Results

Did you know that group singing may be just as good for your wellbeing as a jog through the park, a chat with a friend about your worries, or a trip to the movies?

According to a recent study conducted by Fancourt, Williamon, Carvalho, Steptoe, Dow & Lewis (2016) it was found that:

"Across all five centres and in all four participant groups, singing was associated with significant reductions in negative affect and increases in positive affect...This study provides preliminary evidence that singing improves mood state and modulates components of the immune system...In conclusion, this study demonstrates associations between singing and reduced negative and increased positive effect, reduced cortisol, oxytocin and beta-endorphin and increased levels of cytokines. This is the first study to demonstrate the widespread immune effects of singing, in particular its effects on cytokines."

The study can be read online here

Therefore our goal is for you to have fun, socialise, relax, meet new people, and to work towards a common goal of singing together.  Any voice will do, and no singing experience is required - just bring yourself. The only condition is that you come prepared to sing in a group, and then just let it out.  


Everyone is welcome at #WellbeingWillSing, as we are not defined by pigeon holes. Leave the past behind, and join us as you make your way towards Hope RoadTM


#WellbeingWillSing with live band / accompaniment will be held on Sundays check our services for more details. The sessions will be lead by an experienced group-singing leader with surprise special guests*.

We also welcome musicians and songwriters who would like to jam with us, just remember to copyright any original compositions in advance.


Register to express an interest in attending, our payment guidance can be found here. Please provide your name, email and mobile number to get on the list, and we'll be in touch within 24 to 48 hours.


In the meanwhile connect with us on twitter for updates @DiligentResults about the launch of #WellbeingWillSing

Best Regards


D.R Team



Fancourt, D. Williamon, A. Carvalho, L. A. Steptoe, A. Dow, R. and Lewis, I. (2016) Singing modulates mood, stress, cortisol, cytokine and neuropeptide activity in cancer patients and carerseCancer Medical Science, 10:631