Who's going to be the blessed & lucky subscriber?


We have prepared a table of excellent brands which are available for franchise licensing, and a selection of them can be found here: 

Bags / Backpacks

Transport Clubs





Hospitality & Tourism

Technology, Tools & Machinery

Passenger Transport (road, air and sea)

Medical, Psych, and Health, Consulting, Treatments & Learning

Toys & Games

Agriculture & Farming

Entertainment, Sport & Culture

Computer Science



Real Estate



The entry requirements:

*Be a registered and insured business.
*Established for more than 3 years  (at our discretion we could be flexible on this if the applicant has signed up for our enterprise preparation booster course).
*Principal possesses 5 years + business management experience.
*Principal can provide supporting character voucher, professional references and 360 feedback.

Terms & conditions:

*Entrants must be subscribers of the Network of Professional Pearls, and we must be in receipt of the entrants candidate form.
*After subscribing entrants should send the D.R Team with their 'pitch' - stating: Principal name, Contact details, CV/Biography, Current Commercial Position, Vision for their brand preferences, Proof of Access to funding, Proof of Operating Establishment, Samples/examples of work.

*All entrants should provide a 1st, 2nd and 3rd preference of brand choice.
*Subscribers who enter the contest with a pitch will receive an application form which should be returned within 5 working days.
*Brand of final choice will be subject to final approval by the D.R Team, and subject to demand.
*The contest will be judged on these criteria: suitability, value,  work samples, intended use; and track record.

*Winner announced 1 week after the closing date (21.9.18).
*The winners 1 year free brand license contract would be ratified with the D.R Team within 30 days of the contest winner announced. 
*Renewal or extension of the brand license contract might be subject to a fee, and subject to negotiation.
*Our general terms and privacy policy can be found here:


Closing deadline:

*7:00 PM, GMT
*14th September 2018 


Reach out to our branding team regarding these opportunities, so you can seed your field with diligence.

Best Regards


The D.R Team