Who's going to be the blessed & lucky subscriber?


We have prepared a table of excellent brands which are available for franchise licensing, and a selection of them can be found here: 

Bags & Backpacks

Transport Clubs





Hospitality & Tourism

Technology, Tools & Machinery

Passenger Transport (road, air and sea)

Medical, Psych, Health, Consulting, Treatments & Learning

Toys & Games

Agriculture & Farming

Delivery & Haulage (road, air and sea)

Entertainment, Sport & Culture

Computer Science



Retail & wholesale

Real Estate



The entry requirements:

1.Be a registered and insured business.
2.Established for more than 3 years  (at our discretion we could be flexible on this if the applicant has signed up for our enterprise preparation course).
3.Lead applicant possesses 5 years + business management experience.
4.Lead applicant can provide supporting character voucher, professional references and if possible relevant 360 feedback.

5.Entrants must be subscribers of the Network of Professional Pearls, and we must be in receipt of the franchisee form.
6.Entrants receive a letter from the principal and franchisee starter bag.

7.Entrants should submit  their 'pitch' to the D.R Team- stating: Lead applicant name, Contact details, CV/Biography, Current Commercial Position, Vision for brand preferences, Proof funding / agreement in principle/ /sponsor, Proof of operation credentials, Samples/examples of work.

8.All entrants should provide a 1st, 2nd and 3rd preference of brand choice.
9.Subscribers who enter the contest with a pitch will receive an application form which should be returned by 30.11.18
10.Brand of final choice will be subject to final approval by the D.R Team, and subject to demand.
11.The contest will be judged on these criteria: suitability, value,  work samples, intended use; and track record.

12.Winner announced 1 week after the closing date (7.12.18).

13.The winners 1 year free brand license contract would be ratified with the D.R Team within 30 days of the contest winner announced. 
14.Renewal or extension of the brand license contract might be subject to a fee, and subject to negotiation.
15.Our general terms and privacy policy can be found here:


Closing deadline:

*7:00 PM, GMT
*30th November 2018 


Reach out to our branding team regarding these opportunities, so you can seed your field with diligence.

Best Regards


The D.R Team