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Graduates & Young People (aged 21 to 25)

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Courses  (1 day per week, for 4 or 10 weeks)


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High Functioning PsychologyTM - Individual Mentoring [private]

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Wellbeing Will Sing TM  (Saturdays)

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Terms & Conditions

These are the standard terms of business for the provision of Consultancy, Assessments, Mentoring & Wellbeing Services by I-PEARL VOYAGER LTD T/A DILIGENT RESULTS, a company incorporated in England and Wales (registered no. 08171289) whose registered office is at 27 OLD GLOUCESTER STREET, LONDON, WC1N 3AX. DILIGENT RESULTS reserves the right to change these terms of business at any time without prior notice, so kindly check them at regular intervals. In the event of any conflict between these terms of business as shown on our website or elsewhere, these terms of business (as shown on our website) will prevail.

1. Definitions

1.1 "Business Day" means a day (not a Saturday / Sunday) where banks are open for banking trade in London, UK;

"Client" means the company contracting with DILIGENT RESULTS for the supply of consultancy services as identified in the Terms of Engagement;

"Contract" means the contract created by the acceptance and return by the Client of the Terms of Engagement, and such contract shall be governed by these DILIGENT RESULTS Terms of business and the Terms of Engagement;

"Deliverables" means those items stated as such in the Terms of Engagement (if any) to be provided by DILIGENT RESULTS to the Client in the process of delivering the Services;


"DILIGENT RESULTS Terms" means these standard terms of business;

"Services" means the work to be undertaken by DILIGENT RESULTS for the Client as described in the Terms of Engagement;

"Terms of Engagement" means the declaration provided to the Client by DILIGENT RESULTS, integrating these DILIGENT RESULTS Terms, which specifies the structure of the Services, the deliverables to be supplied, the monies due and the deadline for completion of the Services;

“Work” means any action implemented by DILIGENT RESULTS relating to the advertised Services; 

"Working Days" are Monday to Friday excl. bank or public holidays.

“Recent graduate” means graduation occurred within the past 24 months with accompanying proof of graduation date i.e. certificate or transcript with photo ID as proof of identity

“Young People” aged 21 to 25 with accompanying photo ID as proof of identity & date of birth i.e. passport

2. Our Services

2.1 DILIGENT RESULTS will give the Services to the Client on, and subject to, the DILIGENT RESULTS Terms and the Terms of Engagement. DILIGENT RESULTS won't begin giving the Services until DILIGENT RESULTS has received composed acknowledgment of the Terms of Engagement by an approved agent of the Client. By tolerating the Terms of Engagement, the Client additionally consents to be bound by these DILIGENT RESULTS Terms to the exclusion of every single other term and conditions (counting any terms or conditions which the Client implies to apply under any buy request, affirmation of request, determination or other report). The Terms of Engagement, once signed and returned by the Client, should, together with these DILIGENT RESULTS Terms, frame the agreement between DILIGENT RESULTS and the Client.

2.2 In tolerating the Terms of Engagement, the Client approves DILIGENT RESULTS to continue with every significant planning for giving the Services, including but not restricted to buying materials and booking venues (if required).

2.3 DILIGENT RESULTS should give the Services utilizing sensible aptitude and consideration.

2.4 In giving the Services, DILIGENT RESULTS should utilize its sensible efforts to give sound guidance taking into account the data accessible, yet the Client will remain completely in charge of deciding matters of strategy or activity identified with that exhortation.

2.5 The Client recognizes and concurs that, all together for its work force to get beneficial outcomes by the Services, such staff members will be required to make such undertakings as is suitable to the Services being received.

3.Terms of Engagement and Payment

3.1 The Terms of Engagement will, unless generally expressed, stay fit for acknowledgment by the Client for a time of 90 days from the date thereof. The rates for expenses and materials are liable to review every once in a while, yet DILIGENT RESULTS will give one month's notification of its aim to change the charging premise for present and forthcoming with projects.

3.2 The expenses set out in the Terms of Engagement depend on DILIGENT RESULTS's comprehension of the Client's prerequisites as set out in the Terms of Engagement. DILIGENT RESULTS claims all authority to make extra charges for:

3.2.1 staff time spent in abundance of those assessed in the Terms of Engagement as a consequence of any rearrangements created in conveyance of the Services because of any demonstration or oversight of the Client;

3.2.2 staff time spent traveling out to the venue in overabundance of 1.5 hours in either course;

3.2.3 staff time for arranging gatherings asked for by the Client notwithstanding those took into account in the Terms of Engagement;

3.2.4 any administrations or materials asked for in writing by the Client that DILIGENT RESULTS concurs in writing and that are extra to those that were  considered in the Terms of Engagement, which might then turn out to be a piece of the Services.

3.3 DILIGENT RESULTS might likewise charge the Client for sensible costs brought about by DILIGENT RESULTS in the procurement of the Services including, where vital:

3.3.1 travel, convenience and subsistence (mileage to be charged at 60 pence per mile);

3.3.2 all purchased products, administrations and sub-contracted items alluded to in the Terms of Engagement as being vital and charged for independently from the expenses cited in the Terms of Engagement.

3.4 Value Added Tax, where relevant, will be payable by the Client on all charges and costs at the rate in power at the date of invoicing. All costs are cited excluding of Value Added Tax.

3.5 DILIGENT RESULTS will issue receipts as per the terms expressed in the Terms of Engagement. Contingent upon the method of work, DILIGENT RESULTS might issue receipts toward the end of each discrete bit of work or toward the end of every month. In the event that the Client delays arranged advancement on procurement of the Services, DILIGENT RESULTS claims all authority to submit interval receipts. DILIGENT RESULTS will likewise submit receipts in admiration of any extra work completed as alluded to in Paragraph 3.2.

3.6 The “1 hour” and “1 day” services require full prepayment before service commences, however our “1 week”, “1 month” and “1 month+” service packages, we require 50% deposit as a prepayment before services commence for individual and new business customers, and payment of the balance upon “completion” of the work.

Service / Package:

 Proportion of fee's prepayment

 1 Hour


 1 Day


 1 Week


 1 Month


 1 Month+


 Group Course /Workshop


 Individual Mentoring (HFP)


 Wellbeing Will Sing™


3.7 Payment can be made by BACs transfer or Paypal (

3.8 All invoices (issued to established customers) will be paid by the Client within of 30 days of date of receipt. DILIGENT RESULTS claims all authority to charge the Client hobby and expenses of recuperation as per the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 (as revised).

3.9. We provide three client price tariffs for individuals (30% discount),  teams/organisations, and graduates / young people aged 18 to 21 (50% discount). The “recent graduates and young people” tariff is limited to our 1 Hour Individual services for: Online assessments, Phone, Skype and IM only (face to face services are excluded for this tariff).  Please see our consultancy terms of business for more information.

3.10 Where a discount is because of a Client and such is brought about at the flaw of the Client, DILIGENT RESULTS maintains whatever authority is needed to deduct any authoritative bank/Visa charges from such discount. Where the discount is required at the flaw of DILIGENT RESULTS, no such derivations might be made.

3.11 Entry to sessions may be subject to security checks, and we reserve the right to refuse entry. Recording of sessions or training is not permitted. 

3.12 Joining fees in relation to the Network of Diligent Pearls is non refundable, but the subscription can be cancelled by giving 1 months notice at any time.

3.13.Services are scheduled to launch in 2018, however advance bookings and reservations are welcomed. Updates will be provided regarding launch of new services availability, our happiness gurus are available on 0330 332 6283 for updates and setting up services.

4. Cancellation and Adjournment

4.1 Unless generally indicated in the Terms of Engagement, DILIGENT RESULTS maintains whatever authority is needed to charge for occasions (counting however not restricted to courses, workshops, presentations or classes) cancelled or deferred by the Client. Such charges will be as per the accompanying calendar (rates allude to percent of expenses identifying with the important occasion) to be paid as a cancellation or deferment charge:

No. of Working Days before the work starts

 Notice given by client:

 28+ days

14 to 28 days

7 to 14 days 

0 to 7 days

 Up to 1 day of service





 One week of service+





If an event is dropped by the Client, the customer will be charged one hundred percent (100%) of the expenses.

4.2 moreover, the Client will bear the full cost of any expenses or costs caused by DILIGENT RESULTS for cancellation of venues and, with the exception of in situations where the Client has paid a 100% cancellation or delay charge, for non-returnable merchandise and administrations purchased or contracted for the occasion or occasions.

4.3 Where an occasion is delayed, the Client will be at risk for the full expense for that occasion cited in the Terms of Engagement when it ultimately occurs, notwithstanding the deferment charge set out in provision 4.1.

4.4 For the evasion of uncertainty, the begin date of the Work is not the begin of the event but rather the start of when the Work starts and will be set out in the Terms of Engagement.

5. Sub-contractors

5.1 DILIGENT RESULTS should be permitted, at its outright preference, to choose sub-contractual workers to give all or a portion of the Work.

5.2 If the Client designates sub-contractual workers to collaborate alongside DILIGENT RESULTS in the supply of the Services, the Client will be in charge of such named sub-contractual workers. DILIGENT RESULTS maintains all authority to pull back co-operation from any named sub-temporary workers if the execution or activities of such persons or associations blocks DILIGENT RESULTS from satisfying its commitments under the Terms of Engagement and these DILIGENT RESULTS Terms.

6. Client's obligations

6.1 The Client will guarantee that its staff, temporary workers and different suppliers unite completely with DILIGENT RESULTS and do not cause postponement.

6.2 Whilst DILIGENT RESULTS's representatives or sub-contractual workers are functioning at the Client's premises, the Client will guarantee the wellbeing and security of those individuals. The Client will reimburse DILIGENT RESULTS and keep DILIGENT RESULTS repaid against all misfortunes, harms and costs acquired or endured by DILIGENT RESULTS regarding any cases made in admiration of any damage, demise or misfortune endured by those representatives or sub-contractual workers as a consequence of working at the Client's premises.

6.3 Clients won't, either amid the procurement of the Services or from that point for a time of one year, straightforwardly or by implication, offer business or assignments to any of DILIGENT RESULTS's representatives or sub-contractual workers or request or get their employment by a third party organization, association or individual with which the Client is associated.

6.4 All Clients might be required, in utilizing DILIGENT RESULTS's Services to check any neighbourhood prerequisites and/or limitations on utilizing psychometric tests as a part of general and the DILIGENT RESULTS materials specifically, in that ward, whether forced by law, regulation or by a nearby administrative or legislative body. Where any nearby prerequisites and/or limitations exist that adjust the criteria for, or forestall, utilization of DILIGENT RESULTS's materials inside of a specific purview, it should be the obligation of the Client to guarantee that it completely conforms to all such neighbourhood necessities and/or confinements. Where any Client utilizes DILIGENT RESULTS's materials as a part of a specific location in denial of any local prerequisites and/or confinements, whether purposely or incidentally, such Client should be exclusively mindful and subject for such utilize and might hold harmless and indemnify DILIGENT RESULTS in appreciation of any misfortune or case by a third party against DILIGENT RESULTS emerging from such. Further, if a Client has failed to guarantee that any DILIGENT RESULTS materials might actually be utilized genuinely inside of a specific territory, and in this way buys DILIGENT RESULTS materials for use in that jurisdiction, such Client should be at risk for the expenses thereof and DILIGENT RESULTS should bear no obligation or risk for return of such DILIGENT RESULTS materials or the repayment of any related expenses.

7. Copyright

7.1 Except in reverence of data that the Client has supplied to DILIGENT RESULTS, DILIGENT RESULTS should, as between DILIGENT RESULTS and the Client, claim all copyright and some other protected innovation rights all through the world subsisting in the substance of the Terms of Engagement and in all work created by DILIGENT RESULTS over the span of procurement of the Services in whatever structure or media (counting, without impediment, the Deliverables) ("Work") unless generally demonstrated in the Terms of Engagement as "Customer Materials".

7.2 If the Client requires DILIGENT RESULTS to integrate any items into the Work and supplies DILIGENT RESULTS with such material, the Client warrants that:

7.2.1 the proposed use or integration of such items won't encroach any third parties protected intellectual property rights;

7.2.2 where the Client is not the proprietor of all copyright or other protected intellectual property rights in such material, the Client has acquired every single essential approval and license for the proposed use by DILIGENT RESULTS of such material; and the Client will repay and keep DILIGENT RESULTS completely and adequately indemnified against all costs, claims, requests, costs and liabilities of any nature emerging out of or regarding any break of the guarantee in this provision.

7.3 Subject to Paragraph 5.4, the Client concurs that it should not duplicate or alter the Work or do or approve some other demonstration that might encroach or downgrade DILIGENT RESULTS's copyright or other protected intellectual property rights.

7.4 The Client might, subject to the last sentence of this condition, make a sensible measure of duplicates of the Work (or part of the Work) for circulation to its own staff and entirely for inward business purposes as it were. The Client might guarantee that each such duplicate of the Work (or part thereof) should show an announcement recognizing its author. The Client should have no privilege to make any duplicates of any Deliverables on which DILIGENT RESULTS does not possess the copyright.

8. Confidentiality and Data protection

8.1 Both amid and after the procurement of the Services, both sides should keep private any data of the other party that is acquired regarding the procurement of the Services and that is plainly assigned as "classified" or that is by its inclination obviously secret. Neither one of the party’s should utilize such data aside from regarding the Services nor uncover it to any outsider without the former written authorization of the other party.

8.2 The procurements of this paragraph 8 should not make a difference to any data unveiled by an individual ("Disclosing Party") that:

8.2.1 is in, or comes into, the general population space (aside from as a consequence of a break of these DILIGENT RESULTS Terms);

8.2.2 was at that point already in the ownership of the Disclosing Party at the stage of its receipt from the other party;

8.2.3 is obtained by the Disclosing Party from a third party who was not under a legitimate commitment of privacy as for it;

8.2.4 is required by law to be unveiled by the Disclosing Party.

8.3 The Client and DILIGENT RESULTS should note the prerequisites of the Data Protection Act 1998 (the "DPA") and whatever other pertinent data security law relate to data with respect to identifiable living people ("Personal Data").

8.4 Where DILIGENT RESULTS unveils to the Client any Personal Data (counting however not constrained to psychometric test outcomes, composed reports, data obtained from personal development coaching sessions, input or catch up sessions, or self-awareness sessions), the Client recognizes that, for the reasons of the DPA, it is the "Information Controller" in connection to those Personal Data and the Client will:

8.4.1 not keep such Personal Data longer than is important to satisfy the reason for which it was gathered;

8.4.2 ensure measures are in place to shield the security of such Personal Data;

8.4.3 ensure carefulness over the access given to such Personal Data inside of the Clients business;

8.4.4 take reasonable steps to guarantee that those offered access to such Personal Data comprehend and regard the requirement for secrecy in regards to the Personal Data;

8.4.5 and the Client should protect and keep DILIGENT RESULTS completely indemnified against all costs, claims, requests, costs and liabilities of any nature emerging out of or regarding any break of paragraph 8.

8.5 The Terms of Engagement should be dealt with as private data for the reasons of paragraph 8.

8.6 We will provide clients with a privacy and data processing statement and a contact preference form - where Clients can tailor their data processing permissions with an opt-in. Our privacy policy is being updated

9. Term and termination

9.1 The Contract will initiate on the date that DILIGENT RESULTS gets the signed Terms of Engagement from the Client and might proceed in full obligation and impact until the Services have been finished, subject to prior end as per Paragraphs 9.2 and 9.3.

9.2 Either party might end supply of the Services promptly by notification in keeping in touch with the breaking party if the breaking party:

9.2.1 is in irrevocable breach of its commitments or, on account of a fixable breach, such breach has not been settled inside of 14 days of receipt by the breaching party of a notification from the other party indicating the breach and requiring its cure; or

9.2.2 goes into intentional or obligatory liquidation, or mixes with or assembles a meeting of its leasers, or has a beneficiary or supervisor or a manager selected over any piece of its benefits, or stops for any motivation to bear on business, or makes or endures any closely resembling move which in the assessment of DILIGENT RESULTS implies that the Client will be unable to pay its obligations.

9.3 DILIGENT RESULTS might end procurement of the Services whenever if:

9.3.1 it has given the Client three months' notification in writing; or

9.3.2 the Client endeavours significantly to change the degree or meaning of the Services without DILIGENT RESULTS's earlier composed understanding.

9.4 On completion, DILIGENT RESULTS will be entitled for payment of all charges and costs acquired or gathered and payable by the Client as at the date of end or cancellation of the Services. On account of cancellation by DILIGENT RESULTS in accordance with Paragraph 9.2, the Client will be regarded to have cancelled the Services and will be at risk to pay a cancellation charges indicated in Paragraph 4.1, if appropriate.

9.5 On cancellation, every party ought to promptly give back to the next party all property of the other party in its authority, ownership or control.

9.6 Paragraphs 1, 4, 5, 7.3, 8, 9, 10, and 14 should survive expiry or end of this Agreement howsoever brought about and might remain from that point in full drive and impact after end.

10. Warranty and liability

10.1 In the occasion of harm to actual physical property, where it is set up that such harm to property has emerged as an immediate consequence of the carelessness of DILIGENT RESULTS representatives or sub-temporary workers while giving the Services, DILIGENT RESULTS's risk should be constrained to a most extreme of £750,000 (seven hundred and fifty thousand pounds) per case or arrangement of related cases.

10.2 Nothing in these DILIGENT RESULTS Terms should prohibit or restrict DILIGENT RESULTS's obligation for death or individual damage brought about by DILIGENT RESULTS's carelessness, nor for extortion on DILIGENT RESULTS's part, nor for any risk that can't be rejected by law.

10.3 Subject to Paragraphs 10.1, 10.2 and 10.4, DILIGENT RESULTS's risk emerging under or as a consequence of the procurement of the Services whether in contract, tort, break of statutory obligation or generally is constrained to the fees actually paid by the Client to DILIGENT RESULTS for such Services.

10.4 DILIGENT RESULTS won't be obligated for any roundabout or considerable misfortune, loss of business, benefit, income, information or goodwill, nor for lost or squandered administration time or worker time of the Client.

10.5 Any condition, representation or guarantee that may somehow or another be inferred or combined inside of these Terms by means of statute or regular law or generally is therefore explicitly excluded.

11. Force majeure

DILIGENT RESULTS has no obligation to the Client if DILIGENT RESULTS can't give all or a part of the Services as per the Terms of Engagement or generally as a consequence of circumstances past DILIGENT RESULTS's reasonable control, including without impediment, war, strike, lockout, modern question, riot, common bustle, demonstrations of Government, flame, barricade, incident, natural disaster & emergency.

12. Waiver

No postponement, omission or limitation by either party in upholding any supply of the Terms of Engagement or these DILIGENT RESULTS Terms should be considered to be a waiver or in any capacity bias any privileges of that party.

13. Entire agreement

13.1 These DILIGENT RESULTS Terms together with the Terms of Engagement constitute the whole understanding between DILIGENT RESULTS and the Client in connection to the Services, and supplant every single prior correspondence. Every party recognizes that it has not depended on any assurance, representation or guarantee in going into the Contract, excluding those explicitly set out in the Contract. No revision or other variety to these DILIGENT RESULTS Terms by the Client will be compelling unless it is in writing, is dated and is marked by a properly approved representative of DILIGENT RESULTS and the Client.

13.2 If there is any contention between these DILIGENT RESULTS Terms and the Terms of Engagement, these DILIGENT RESULTS Terms will win.

14. Notices

14.1 Any notification allowed or required under these DILIGENT RESULTS Terms will be given in writing and should be successfully served if conveyed by hand or sent by first class or airmail post to DILIGENT RESULTS at its standard location and, on account of the Client, to the last known or regular location. Any notification conveyed in person should be considered to have been received at the season of conveyance. Any notification sent by post might be considered to have been conveyed in three Business Days in the wake of posting on account of between UK interchanges, or five Business Days generally.

14.2 In situations where the Terms of Engagement state assigned employees of the parties, all notification should be tended to such agents directly.

15. Rights of third parties

Nothing in these DILIGENT RESULTS Terms or the Terms of Engagement gives or indicates to present on any third party any privilege to implement any of the Terms of Engagement or these DILIGENT RESULTS Terms.

16. Governing law and jurisdiction

These Terms and the Terms of Engagement are represented by and interpreted as per the laws of England, and are liable to the restrictive locale of the English courts.


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