Explore your potential further with one of our exclusive courses, you can review our package options, and use the form below to express an interest in attending according to your needs and preference. After delegates have paid for their course our accounts team will provide them with their login details, where they can login to our learners portal, activate their learner account and get started...

This training course teaches learning flexibility, and can help delegates to become more efficient in the area of data uptake with Diligent Results®. The trainer will introduce core methods which underpin learning and achievement. Tuesdays from 10:00 to 13:00 GMT for 4 weeks.  Register with us below to book a place.


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This training course is inspired by principles of spiritual health and introduces methods which might help delegates to obtain discernment by through "tuning in" to what we feel with Diligent Results®. Wednesday afternoons from 10:00 to 13:00 GMT for 4 weeks. Register with us below to book a place.

High Functioning PsychologyTM Individual Mentoring

Book a programme with our Technical Consultant based upon D. M. Daley's Emotional Intelligence, Wellbeing and Performance research model; and you will certainly gain excellent insights to help improve self awareness and talent application.

'High Functioning Psychology by D.M. Daley®'  introduces personal development which includes:

  • Talent Identification™
  • Talent Expansion ™ &
  • Talent Performance Mentoring™

this programme is best suited to individuals who may wish to gain ability & personality feedback and insights, about themselves before applying for jobs or want to know how to find their talents and where/how best to use them. These sessions are booked by appointment only on Thursdays between 10:00 and 13:00 GMT as part of a 4 week personal programme. Register with us below to book a place.

Enterprise BoosterTM

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Sign up for our Enterprise Booster course [NOPP members only] which is ideal for those embarking their global adventure, it's a 10 week course on Mondays from 10:00 to 13:00 GMT and aims to prepare explorers for the universe as we go forward and higher. We also explore the growth process, which many might find is part of making their dream idea a commercial reality. This course is scheduled to start on 3rd December 2018, and enrolement begins after you pay for your voyager package and you receive confirmation of your place. Enrolement on this course is subject to NOPP membership, and the principals letter introduces the curriculum.

Business Performance Assessment

Companies lose £000,000’s each year in lost working hours and performance due to:

  • Voluntary absence
  • Tardiness
  • Poor person-environment-fit
  • Faulty staff-selection
  • Mismanaged change

and more. Allow our gifted consultants to identify potential problem areas, and sources of low performance and risk, using our Holistic Risk Assessment™ system and / or deliver employee training. Hiring a diligent results consultant could be exceptionally profitable for your business. Register with us to book your service.

Improve performance KPI's

Access professional analysis of business concerns

Gain objective advice & recommendations

Tap into specialised expertise

Plan for change from the bottom up

Contract consultancy secured by robust industry best practice


Creative Studio

Allow us to conceptualise an excellent visual, auditory or literary media product in any of the listed areas for you. So whether your just getting started, or need to refresh an existing brand; our team of creative specialists can deliver a unique presentation of your brand.

Concept Development

Market Strategy

Logo Design

Creative Writing


E-book Creation

Song Writing

Session Singing

Artist Development

A work sample of ours can be found here and a few of the concepts we've created can be found below. After considering the benefits of our creative services, please contact us with your job specification using the form below to obtain a tailored quote. Please ask for our studio terms of business for further details.

During consultations our design team undertake an assessment of your dream product and requirements, which informs the technical plan we draw up. After you have chosen the design plan which suits your needs best, we develop a model of the product for your consideration. Throughout a fluid process we make amendments as desired, until we arrive at the finalised model that pleases you.

Thereafter our quality assurance team undertakes the testing of the developed product, and then final tweaks are made. This would be a good time to obtain constructive feedback regarding the product at this stage.  Once everyone’s happy we send your amazing finalised product to The Maker™ who'll diligently bring your dream to life. Then we give you a call to collect Your Baby™, ready for live marketing.

Recruitment solutions

Allow us to find the best candidates for your vacancies, we undertake to engage with the original source of candidate talent which can help when seeking the best in the world for your company. Let us source, interview, screen, assess and introduce suitable team members to your organisation. We specialise in the permanent and fixed term placement of:

  • Therapists
  • Sales people
  • Professional drivers
  • Web developers
  • Childcarers
  • Travel assistants
  • Clerical staff
  • Security officers
  • Transport managers, and more

Our simple goal is to provide an exceptional experience to candidates and clients, with our expertise in personnel assessments. We have great recruitment terms of business so contact us using the form below, and discover how we can help you create and retain your very own diligent workforce.

Wellbeing Will SingTM

Singing is great for our well being, so be ready to sway on Saturdays  to sing your concerns away and make some new friends. Register for further details. (this event is free for  NOPP members.

Meet the Universe

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